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Are you currently in bankruptcy or considering filing bankruptcy?  Can you sell your house during a bankruptcy? The short answer is “Yes”; however, you need to understand the long version of the answer, too.

When you file for bankruptcy relief (whether it’s Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 or Chapter 13) an entity called the “Bankruptcy Estate” is created by the Bankruptcy Court.  The “Bankruptcy Estate” consists of all of the assets that you own at the time that you file the bankruptcy.

It also includes the income you receive for some (if not all) of the time your bankruptcy case is open in Chapter 11, 12 and 13 cases.  (Note: income that is earned after the case is filed is NOT part of the Estate in Chapter 7 cases.)  So if you own a house when you file for bankruptcy, it becomes part of the “Bankruptcy Estate”.

This means that the Bankruptcy Court has control over ALL of your assets.  (In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the Chapter 7 Trustee can sell it to get money to distribute to your unsecured creditors.)

The Chapter 13 Trustee can’t sell it, but will consider its equity in computing the Chapter 13 Plan payment.  Here is the important part: it also means that because the Bankruptcy Court has control, you must get Court approval before you can sell the house.

How do you get Court approval? You must file a “Motion to Sell” with the Bankruptcy Court. The “Motion to Sell” allows the Court to determine what should happen with the proceeds from the sale of the house.  The Bankruptcy Court also oversees the sales process to ensure that the terms and conditions are reasonable. You can expect it to take about one month from the date the “Motion to Sell” is filed until it is granted.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to act quickly. Things have a way of getting worse if you aren’t actively working to make them better. So call us if you are serious about selling your house or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Behind In Payments?

If you have fallen behind on payments or are about to, then you already realize there is a problem and are ready to ACT NOW! Being proactive increases your options. Most people do not start planning until they are already deep in foreclosure and are about to lose their house at the trustee sale. The window of opportunity closes a little bit every day when you are behind on payments.  Don’t limit yourself, act today!

Do you really want to stay in your home? Your tendency may be to yell “YES!” but really think about the question and all it entails before answering.  Does your desire to stay in the property outweigh the years of mortgage payments, taxes, and upkeep? If the answer is yes, our first suggestion would be to call your lender.  Explain to them why you are behind in payments and try to work out a new payment plan also known as a “loan modification”.  (Know that some lenders aren’t willing to negotiate, but it’s worth a shot.)

If staying in the home is not an option, or you are just ready for a new start, you have a few options.  You can list the property with a real estate agent.  In time sensitive situations, we would rarely recommend this.  Listing a property could take months to sell and an additional 30 days to close escrow.  Another option would be to sell it to an investor, like us.  This is the fastest way to get cash in hand.  Escrow can close in as little as a week and you won’t have to pay any commissions, escrow fees, or open your house to strangers at open houses. You can be stress-free in a few weeks.

Give yourself options. Call us now. Why wait? Waiting will ruin your credit, decrease your equity, give you fewer options, and cause you a lot of stress.  We promise to give you our honest opinion on what your best options are, even if it’s not selling to us. You’ve already taken a positive step in looking at your options.  Even if you’ve just fallen behind, time is still of the essence. Contact us today for a confidential, no obligation consultation on selling your home to avoid foreclosure or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Behind In Property Taxes?

Have you missed paying your property taxes for the last one or two years due to unemployment, illness or unforeseen circumstances? Sometimes, when it’s a matter of choosing between putting food on the table or paying the property taxes, the food wins. Don’t worry…we are experts at sorting out taxes, property liens and judgments. Call or click here to go to our Fast Offer Form.

Divorce or Separation?

Divorce is never easy. The time and stress involved in listing a property can be eliminated, one less thing for you to worry about. The funds tied up in a house can be freed to use in other areas. If you and your spouse need to sell a property quickly and are going through an uncontested divorce, please call.  We buy houses when both parties want to sell quickly and for a fair price. Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Inheritance, Estate or Trust Settlement?

Have you recently inherited a property? You may not have the funds, time, or interest in fixing the property for sale or for rent. Perhaps you would prefer cash rather than the responsibility of caring for the property.

Whether you are in probate or serving as executor of an estate, we will buy the property.  We will make you a fair offer and will close escrow quickly, no contingencies, “AS-IS”, no hassles, no hold-ups.  Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Facing Foreclosure?

If you are facing a foreclosure, the best advice we can give is to ACT NOW! Many people facing foreclosure do nothing but sit around and wait for a miracle. This is like burying your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. But what else can you do? In most cases, the best thing for a homeowner to do when facing foreclosure is to sell the property, and sell it quickly.

In doing so, you will avoid foreclosure and avoid damage to your credit report. You’ll be able to get on with your life without a bad credit report affecting your future choices. In many cases, we can buy your house, pay off your mortgage and possibly give you money from the equity in the home. In a foreclosure situation, time is of the essence. Contact us today for a confidential, no obligation consultation on selling your home to avoid foreclosure.  Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Need Fast Cash for Bills, Medical Expenses, or Educational Costs?

Sometimes life changes quickly, leaving us with unexpected expenses. This can happen to anyone. Getting quick cash for your home can be one way to solve these situations and move on. Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

House Needs Expensive Repairs?

Can’t sell your house because it needs expensive repairs?  Or maybe it just needs minor cosmetic repairs. We’ve bought houses that needed complete makeovers. We’ve also bought houses loaded with junk, old belongings, and stuff that nobody wanted to clean up. No problem, we take care of all of that. We even bought a house with a car that had no wheels. We had to get a flatbed and small crane to remove it. Again, no problem, we will handle it.

Here are three things to remember:  First, it is very hard, if not impossible, to sell a house in today’s market that isn’t fixed up.  Second, repairs are costly, even if everything goes right AND you have a good contractor. And after all the repairs, you still have to sell the house. Selling a house takes time, and so will fixing the property yourself. What happens if you run out of money or time? The headache is never-ending.

We enjoy renovating older, outdated houses and renovating them to meet today’s standards. So even if your house needs a lot of repairs, we’ll buy it! Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Making Two House Payments?

Have you been making two house payments?  Can’t sell your property?  Don’t have time to sell your property? You may be at a critical point maintaining both of your properties or trying to keep up the payments on both.

In this topsy-turvy market, it may be too stressful to worry about costly repairs, non-paying tenants (not to mention the cost of trying to evict them), and making your mortgage payments. Waiting and waiting for the market to go up may be a losing proposition.  You may be losing valuable equity in your property by holding out for the market to go up. Many reports show that it’s going to be a long, rough recovery. Make sure you make an educated decision based on real numbers, not media hype.  Give us a call and we can talk about your options or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.


Are you ready to move?  Or have you already? Has a change in employment or family situation required you to relocate? We buy houses quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the mortgage payment, vandalism if you are leaving your house vacant, non-paying tenants, or tenants at all for that matter.

It can be difficult to manage a house sale or rental from far away. Don’t wait too long to realize you are in over your head.  Preserve the equity in your property. Don’t wait, make a great decision today. Call or click here to go to our Fast Offer Form.


Are you ready to retire?  Do you want your equity now?  It is definitely a good time to lock in the profits (big or small) in your property.  Who knows when the market will stop going down? How long until it starts going back up?  We are in for a long road to recovery and you certainly don’t want to be greedy in this market.

We will buy your property in its current condition.  No need to worry about repairs, contractors, realtors, inspections. We skip all of that.  We will make you a fair offer on your property “AS-IS”.  You won’t need to do a thing except tell us when you want to close escrow. Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Slow Real Estate Market?

Have you had your house on the market for a while and it isn’t selling?  Are you worried that your property won’t sell quickly in this chaotic market? We make offers on properties every week. We buy properties “AS-IS”, typically for cash, and we can close escrow on the date of your choice.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

Tired Of Being A Landlord?

Being a landlord is not for everyone, and not all investment properties turn out to be lucrative. Rental properties take a lot of time and effort. Dealing with bad tenants, vacant houses, major repairs, and dishonest people is not only exhausting, it’s expensive. Some people enjoy being landlords, but the day will come when you would like to sell your property and cash out of your investment.

Usually a rental property is in need of some repair before it can be put on the market for sale. Other times, landlords would just like to sell their house fast and move on. We will give you a fast offer for your property no matter the condition. Call or click here to go to our Fast Offer Form.

Distressed Home in Your Neighborhood?

With the chaotic real estate market of recent years, many neighborhoods have vacant or uncared-for homes. These distressed homes drive down values of nearby homes and can often be eyesores. Call us with information on the property, we can locate the owner and purchase the home, increasing property values for everyone. Call or click here to go to our FAST RESPONSE FORM.

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